Custom Designed Jewelry

We employ hand fabrication in all of our pieces – we hand carve a wax design according to the diamond you are using, show it to you then we create your “One of a Kind” jewelry piece . “We still put the ART into your jewelry”. We are old school. Custom does not necessarily mean higher cost it can often cost less.

custom designed jewelry
custom designed jewelry
custom designed jewelry

Estate & Vintage Jewelry

Estate Jewelry describes pieces that have been previously owned.. Vintage Jewelry describes items that are at least one generation old, so anything before the 1980’s is currently considered vintage. Many think of costume jewelry when they hear vintage jewelry; however, between the 1940’s and 1980’s some of the finest crafted jewelry pieces were produced. Diamond Designs has beautiful vintage & estate jewelry, including rings, pendants, bracelets, pins, & earrings. All of our estate jewelry is pre-owned.


Repair, Resize & Cleaning

Cleaning is Free!
All Repairs done in-house by our Master Goldsmith and is Full Service.
We resize all types of materials.

Repair, resize and cleaning services
Resizing watches and jewelry
Cleaning of jewelry and watches

Buying & Selling Gold

We will make you an offer on the spot OR we will advise on your options so you are fully educated.